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  • Stranger5:09
  • Do You Remember4:10
  • Rearview Mirror2:30
Chazz Nightmarez

Up-and-coming artist Chazz NightMareZ is a force unto himself.  There is something in the way he approaches a song that makes you want to hear what's next.  Music that is relevant to today's youth that speaks to issues far and wide.  From relationships to social injustice, Chazz covers them all!  

Calvin mark smith

Founder and co-owner of SmithWorks Music, Calvin Mark Smith's sound comes from his love of music and his love of sharing that music with anyone willing to listen.  From piano and drum lessons as a child to opening for some very well known artists, Calvin has been involved in music for most of his life.  Eclectic doesn't even begin to describe his musical tastes and that is apparent from the moment you hear one of his tracks.

While primarily a drummer, Calvin has taken the initiative to broaden his ability by striving to learn various instruments to enhance his musical expression.  Still a work in progress.

Minerva Smith

Minerva is co-founder, co-owner and operator of SmithWorks Music.  Minerva has been singing since she was a little girl growing up in Boston.  Minerva embraces all styles of music and does not lack for talent in any genre.  It is clear from her writing that Minerva is as much a hopeless romantic as she is a staunch believer in human rights and equality.  From the moment the music starts you know you are in for a treat - a renaissance of music future, past and present.

Calvin Mark Smith

Chazz NightmareZ

Minerva Smith